Hello, I’m Lesley Barlow! I work with businesses to help them grow and prosper through mentoring and training. I help you engage your customers through the implementation of exceptional customer experience programs. In addition, I can help you to grow your business by supplying exciting business growth and marketing strategies, to enable you to sell more. I thrive on creativity, innovation and positive momentum. I’ll bring energy to your business, boosting your business impact and your bottom line.

Put simply, I’m your customer service, sales and marketing partner!

Sell More!

The reality is we all want bigger and better businesses, so let’s make that happen!


Build Your Skills

Develop your skills and harness my expertise for a bright future!


Who am I?

I’m a southerner-turned-Yorkshire Lass, I help businesses take flight!


What do they say

“Sales have increased, I now know what I’m doing, confidence has grown, we are motivated, Lesley’s fun to work with.”


A Fresh View Logos

Just a flavour of some of the wonderful businesses I have worked with. For fresh insight and a bright new perspective on your business, call me on 07966 211526 or 01904 236245.

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