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Lesley Barlow A Fresh ViewWelcome to A Fresh View

With Lesley Barlow at the helm, A Fresh View works with businesses like yours, delivering exciting and meaningful change for exceptional business growth through mentoring and training, outstanding marketing strategies, customer focused communication programmes and digital marketing activities.

Creativity and innovation…we thrive on delivering new ideas!

Our success speaks for itself. On average, we boost business growth for our clients by 20-40%. We make successful collaborations for long term results and our work doesn’t necessarily stop once a project has been rolled out or a change implemented. Lesley and her team can help you create strong and sustainable growth, make a splash in new markets and renew your presence in established sectors. We thrive on creativity, innovation and positive momentum that will bring energy to your staff and business, boosting both your business impact and your bottom line.

Quite simply, in a nutshell, it’s time to take a fresh view on your business!


Without customers you have no business

We’re living in the 'age of the customer' where empowered consumers are now directly shaping business strategy. In a nutshell, customers today expect consistently high-value experiences, regardless of whether they are interacting with a business [...]