Our Approach

Successful outcomes, in every part of life, are consistently built on solid foundations and good planning.  That’s why here at A Fresh View, when it comes to helping our clients develop new strategies or roll out important projects, we follow a carefully structured and phased approach.

Our very first meeting will be an informal affair that will definitely involve tea or coffee and cake!  It’s your chance to talk while we listen and make extensive notes.  At the end of our meeting, if we both concur that it’s a good fit, we’ll finish by agreeing what the immediate requirements are.

Back at the A Fresh View office, we’ll then undertake further investigations and in-house reviews.  At this point, it’s likely that we’ll ask you some more questions.  This will help us clarify things, understand a little more about your business and also enable us to forge a much stronger relationship.

Like a good wine, relationships take time to mature and reach their peak.

It’s at this stage that we’ll send you a quotation for the proposed work you’ve asked us to consider.  This will be itemised against each element for you to agree with or mix and match items , if that’s what you prefer.

Before the project kicks off, agreed milestones will have been organised.  These provide us with opportunities to get together (at a time that’s convenient for you) and discuss any aspect of the ongoing project with you or your business representative.

We love utilising technology, which is why we often conduct these meetings via web-based tools with screen sharing.  However, if you’d prefer a more traditional face-to-face discussion, that can absolutely be arranged too.

Most projects we undertake usually need three months before the outcome is delivered.  In business, as we’re sure you’ll agree, that’s no time at all.  In fact, according to our clients over the years, it’s definitely worth the wait and the investment to have A Fresh View to set them on a new path, with an exciting new horizon.

Some clients arrive at our agreed destination and stay with us for years after we’ve empowered them with our specialist knowledge. Watching them take flight on their own adventures gives us great pleasure.

Brand Impact!

A Fresh View fully appreciates brand impact.  When you’ve only got just 2 seconds to grab a smartphone user’s attention or 7 seconds in person, the impact of your brand is critical and we can help you maximise that.

And it’s not all about a piece of artwork.  In fact, it’s a much broader subject that needs to speak volumes to your potential customers.  With Lesley’s passion and knowledge, she’ll gladly help you and your staff to understand how your business can have a quality, positive impact on your customers and potential customers.

What don’t we do?

First and foremost, we don’t build websites.  However, we spend a lot of time analysing our clients’ Google Analytics data, which enables us to provide them with a clear digital pathway.  If, as a result of our investigations, we recommend a new website as part of a project, then we can put you in touch with our very carefully chosen, highly-professional partners.

Recognising our knowledge and specialism, some of our clients also ask us to project manage throughout a new website build, which is something we really enjoy doing.  It’s a pleasure helping clients – especially when they are faced with terminology and acronyms – to get the best bang for their buck from their digital investments.

We’re also not designers and printers, but we do know some extremely talented individuals and businesses who specialise in these areas, and can recommend them to you in a heartbeat.