Our Team

A Fresh View works with businesses like yours to deliver exciting and meaningful change, by creating strong and sustainable growth, impact in new markets and renewed presence in established sectors. Find out more about our wonderful team.

Lesley Barlow

Lesley Barlow – Managing Consultant
A fan of big views, mountains and marketing, Lesley is a specialist in helping businesses grow. Always happy getting to the heart of a company, researching new avenues and new adventures, there’s nothing – literally nothing – that Lesley isn’t excited about. A sales, marketing and customer experience expert, team up with Lesley to get A Fresh View.

I can help to grow your business by supplying exciting sales and marketing strategies, to enable you to sell more. I thrive on creativity, innovation and positive momentum – I’ll bring energy to your business, boosting your business impact and your bottom line. I also specialise as a Patient Partner or if you prefer a Patient Leader with Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust – a role that I feel privileged to do. I love mentoring staff, empowering them to take flight!

Trevor Barlow

Trevor Barlow – Lead Project Manager
As Michelangelo painted his mosaic in the Basilica, Trevor must have surely been there, organising the workflow. A tour de force of analysis, planning and project management, Trevor’s managed a very diverse range of assignments, including some of the UK’s biggest IT projects, on time and within budget. A consummate professional, he works with A Fresh View monitoring or leading our projects.

Got an important project that needs rolling out, on time and in budget? Then I’m your man! I love being part of a team, leading from the front, whilst taking the team on an exciting journey, empowering members to do their best or coaching them to success. If you’re short of hands, then just give me the whole project and I’ll complete it with our in-house A Fresh View team.

A Fresh View recognises only too well that teams makes for even greater success and we’d like to introduce you to these important folk that we’ve partnered with over a number of years. A Fresh View prides itself on not taking commission or payment for work undertaken by our associates, you see, we only want what is best for our clients and we like working with the best specialists. We’ve worked with all our specialists for years, they are all masters of their own businesses, as-well-as working in collaboration with us.

Jo Harrison

Jo Harrison – Virtual Assistant
Jo keeps A Fresh View rolling, so that we keep fresh views coming! The power house of the team, Jo makes sure everything’s under control, so that we can spend more time with you.

Phil Byrne

Phil Byrne – Digital Master
Every team has a data guy, Phil is ours. Guiding clients through online advertising, website optimisation and digital marketing, Phil has nearly twenty years of experience in the online world. Which leaves us wondering how old the Internet really is?

Sally Parker

Sally Parker – Social Media
Sally is our social guru. She excels at spreading news and getting views for our clients’ social media accounts. What Sally can’t say in a tweet or a Facebook post, isn’t worth saying.

Jim Varney – Image Guru
Jim’s the master of telling the visual story through amazing photography and film-making. The world is his muse and a camera, his paintbrush.