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  • Marketing strategies & action plans

Strategies, Plans and Project Management

How’s your business plan? When was the last time you reviewed it?

Every successful business is underpinned by a solid plan. It’s the ultimate driver and blueprint for success.

Together, we can drive your business onwards and upwards, to new heights and new marketplaces. Greater sales, better efficiency, new customers – we’ve got you covered!

Through the development of a bespoke business plan, which analyses every aspect of your operation, we’ll identify your strengths, your next moves and exciting new areas to develop and build upon.

Case Study: Selby District Council partnered with A Fresh View to develop a new visitor economy strategy. Alongside Make It York, we conducted one-to-one interviews, workshops and sector research, to develop a three-year action plan for economic growth.

Case Study: St Benet’s Hall at Oxford University, part of Ampleforth College, required income generation outside of term time. A Fresh View’s research and insights provided this iconic hall of residency with a clear strategy on targeting religious school tours from the US and Italy.

For a deeper look at this A Fresh View offering, please read our article on Why We Provide Marketing Strategies With An Associated Action Plan.

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  • Tourism & Hospitality A Fresh View

Tourism and Hospitality

Staycation, exploration, or destination. With years of experience helping some of the UK’s top destinations sing, we’re your perfect partner to help attract new customers and ensure your trusted friends return time and time again.

Located in North Yorkshire, we know how to champion iconic cities, boutique hotels, hidden dales and picture-perfect coastlines. We’ll identify your strengths and charm so you’ll stand out from the crowd. Let us put you on the map!

A Fresh View has been a member of Visit York for a number of years and Lesley takes great pleasure in being a judge for the Visit York Tourism Awards, the Oscars for all things tourism in York City and Beyond!

We love nothing better than sharing our specialist knowledge. For some clients, their fresh view is to have monthly mentoring sessions as part of their staffs’ personal development plans – Lesley says this is her most favourite work, she loves sharing her ideas, knowledge and energy. We delight in helping people grow, giving them the step-up, investing time in helping others succeed.

Case Study: Over a five year period, we’ve teamed up with the Blue Lion Inn at East Witton, in the heart of the stunning Yorkshire Dales, to invigorate their sales and bed occupancy by 37%.

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  • Lesley Barlow Digital Marketing Mentoring & Training

Digital Marketing Knowhow

Digital Marketing is a crucial element of the overall marketing mix. It encompasses every marketing effort delivered through an electronic device or over the Internet.

Businesses today, however large or small, need to be leveraging the power of digital marketing to connect with their customers and potential customers. Neglecting this important marketing medium will result in lost opportunities and puts businesses at a significant competitive disadvantage.

Of course there’s still a role for offline marketing, but with the increased and still increasing use of smartphones and tablets, you absolutely have to get on-board. Marketing has always been about connecting with your audiences in the right place, at the right time, with the right language and this includes digital.

So what’s your digital marketing goal?

Every business needs a digital goal. We can help define your goal(s) and also deliver a mixture of short and/or long-term digital marketing campaigns that will support them. We can provide stimulating social media strategies and/or content, website performance analysis, e-newsletter content and distribution, copy and content journalism, digital advertising, PR and more.

Need a clear picture of how best to engage through digital marketing? Then get us to give you A Fresh View – it’s what we do!

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  • Lesley Barlow What we do for the NHS

What we do for the NHS

Everyone loves the NHS and we love working with them!

Through our flagship collaboration, we’ve worked with some of the UK’s leading hospitals to improve patient experience, enhance workflows and efficiency, deliver staff training and champion the organisation to prospective employees.

Utilising our professional expertise and personal experience, we’re honoured to join forces with the NHS to deliver exciting, positive change. Lesley loves public speaking and delivering workshops, grabbing every opportunity to speak at conferences on behalf of patients. She has been invited to speak at a number of national NHSi conferences and regional NHS events about Patient Centred Care.

Lesley would say she went in for new hips and came out with more than she ever dreamed possible – increased energy for more camping adventures and a new business partnership.

Case Study: A Fresh View provided a patient-centred review of corporate induction programmes and worked with Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust to attract nurse apprentices to an exciting new scheme. Lesley’s ‘keynote presentation’ at a recent conference had the attendees ‘Climb Every Mountain” and we’re told she’s the only facilitator to ask for a fully-kitted hospital bed for a workshop training delivery session.

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  • We're big on customer service

We’re big on Customer Experience

“I think they might be a customer…” In our eyes everyone’s a customer – potential, repeat or trusted. Together we’ll don the ‘buyer’s goggles’ and see how your business looks to your customers and clients.

In our mind, customers don’t want a service they wish for an experience, something that banks a magnificent memory. Excellent memories are orchestrated, staff training fine tuned, products and services providing an emotional impact for all the right reasons. Begin your customer experience adventures with us, get a fresh view!

We’ll help you ensure customers are at the heart of everything you do, every decision you make and every action throughout your day. Happier customers, happier business, more revenue, happier you!

Lesley has a subtle way of getting right underneath a brand, looking into every nook and cranny to uncover the good, the bad and the very ugly of customer experience delivery. Her Harry Potter-styled ‘Cloak of Invisibility’ tests all the minute details, giving a fresh view to make changes for the better, not for the sake of change.

Case Study: as part of a multi-million pound redevelopment of York’s Theatre Royal, Lesley trained the team on how to create an outstanding customer experience for the theatre’s visitors.

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  • Lesley Barlow Mentoring and Training

Mentoring and training

Running a business is incredibly rewarding, but it can be even more so with a timely boost or insider secrets.

We’ve trained and mentored some of the country’s largest businesses and their leaders – from world-leading organisations to sole traders. Combine your passion and know-how, with our enthusiasm and experience to reach new heights and deliver greater success.

Coaching, challenging, supporting and rewarding – we’ll work together for as long as you need us. Don’t just take our word for it, see what these folks have to say:

“Her ideas and knowledge helped my business to grow and prosper“ Ruth Rowlands, Wolds Edge Lodges

“Sales have increased by around 20% and with A Fresh View’s help, we’re projecting even more rapid growth going forward“ Mark Goodson, Wayside Holiday Park

Case Study: Lesley has provided a series of masterclasses and training for Make It York and Visit York – on subjects as varied as customer experience, digital impact and sales techniques. Lesley loves sharing her knowledge and empowering people for growth, she is a passionate trainer and public speaker.

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