“I think they might be a customer…” In our eyes everyone’s a customer – potential, repeat or trusted. Together we’ll don the ‘buyer’s goggles’ and see how your business looks to your customers and clients.

In our mind, customers don’t want a service they wish for an experience, something that banks a magnificent memory. Excellent memories are orchestrated, staff training fine tuned, products and services providing an emotional impact for all the right reasons. Begin your customer experience adventures with us, get a fresh view!

We’ll help you ensure customers are at the heart of everything you do, every decision you make and every action throughout your day. Happier customers, happier business, more revenue, happier you!

Lesley has a subtle way of getting right underneath a brand, looking into every nook and cranny to uncover the good, the bad and the very ugly of customer experience delivery. Her Harry Potter-styled ‘Cloak of Invisibility’ tests all the minute details, giving a fresh view to make changes for the better, not for the sake of change.

Case Study: as part of a multi-million pound redevelopment of York’s Theatre Royal, Lesley trained the team on how to create an outstanding customer experience for the theatre’s visitors.

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