Everyone loves the NHS and we love working with them!

Through our flagship collaboration, we’ve worked with some of the UK’s leading hospitals to improve patient experience, enhance workflows and efficiency, deliver staff training and champion the organisation to prospective employees.

Utilising our professional expertise and personal experience, we’re honoured to join forces with the NHS to deliver exciting, positive change. Lesley loves public speaking and delivering workshops, grabbing every opportunity to speak at conferences on behalf of patients. She has been invited to speak at a number of national NHSi conferences and regional NHS events about Patient Centred Care.

Lesley would say she went in for new hips and came out with more than she ever dreamed possible – increased energy for more camping adventures and a new business partnership.

Case Study: A Fresh View provided a patient-centred review of corporate induction programmes and worked with Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust to attract nurse apprentices to an exciting new scheme. Lesley’s ‘keynote presentation’ at a recent conference had the attendees ‘Climb Every Mountain” and we’re told she’s the only facilitator to ask for a fully-kitted hospital bed for a workshop training delivery session.

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