While it’s a bit of an old cliché, this quote from Benjamin Franklin: ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’ is one that really holds weight even today and makes absolute sense – especially for modern businesses.

The bottom line is that at the heart of every successful business there is a plan. They are the cornerstones, drivers and blueprints for success that every business – no matter how big or small – needs to achieve the growth it wants.

Now I’m absolutely certain that no one sets out planning to fail, but sometimes too many priorities, not enough time to do them all justice and a lack of focus (intentional or unintentional) can often lead to business results that are not what we expected.

At times like these, some business owners will take drastic action in an attempt to turn their fortunes around. Others will continue as they have been in the blinkered hope that things will improve. Then there are those that seek external advice and obtain A Fresh View for their businesses.

However, while many external consultancies provide excellent advice and produce formidable marketing strategies that are designed to boost a business’s impact and bottom line, they sometimes do not come with an associated action plan to ensure the strategy is a success going forward.

So why do we combine the strategy with a definitive action plan?

First and foremost, it’s our USP, a factor that differentiates us from our competitors.

By providing a clear, detailed action plan that acts as a practical working document for you to actively define and measure activities against a period of time, we enable you to see real, clear progress every step of the way.

This detailed action plan helps drive forward all of your activities by enabling us to assist you with allocating budgets, assigning personnel to tasks (both internal and external) and provide timelines for tasks to be undertaken and completed.

What we do differently at A Fresh View is to make everything real, with very straightforward workable plans that you have ownership of. After all, it’s for you not for us!

Every strategic plan, like a marketing strategy, needs an associated action plan to bring it to life. It’s the roadmap that will not only outline how you will reach your objectives, but also show you anticipated timescales for doing so. An action plan outlines the concrete steps you need to take to achieve your goals, a deadline for each task, a description of who will do what and any necessary follow-up activities.

Our concise strategies are developed from rigorous research made up of many elements from business observations, through to competitor analysis. What makes a huge difference to a business’s success is having a multi-pronged strategy that encompasses both traditional and digital marketing, including social media. This is then blended with our years of experience in growing businesses to design a bespoke strategy and plan – using analyses of every aspect of your operation – to deliver a bright new fresh view for your business, to take it to the next level, to increase your brand awareness and ultimately your bottom line.

Still not convinced about the importance of a well-defined marketing strategy? Check out this recet piece from eConsultancy on Marketing in 2018: Too tactical and not strategic enough? It’s a piece that especially resonates with me because of how it touches on optimising the customer experience too.