We’re living in the ‘age of the customer’ where empowered consumers are now directly shaping business strategy. In a nutshell, customers today expect consistently high-value experiences, regardless of whether they are interacting with a business face-to-face or online.

It’s a stark reality but the bottom line is that if you can’t provide the immediate value consumers are looking for, they’ll go elsewhere.

However, do you know who your ideal customer is? That perfect individual who is going to purchase your product or service and be so satisfied with the overall experience that they’ll come back again in the future.

Identifying your ideal customer is essential for shaping your marketing. That’s because the better you know your ideal customer, the more focussed and effective your marketing efforts will ultimately be.

But what if I told you that you can have more than one ideal customer? Indeed, many businesses have several customer personas that they gear their marketing initiatives towards. In fact, the most successful businesses align themselves to be utterly customer-centric.

“I think they might be a customer…” is a phrase I’ve heard many business owners say. It’s slightly alarming because it suggests they’re not really sure.

When I work with businesses, I teach them to adopt an ‘everyone’s a customer’ approach – potential, repeat or trusted. Together, we don the buyer’s goggles and see how the business looks to both existing and potential clients.

I can help you become customer-centric and ensure customers are at the heart of everything you do, every decision you make and every action throughout your day. Happier customers, happier business, more revenue, happier you!

Over the years, I’ve found that the best way to help businesses is to almost become one with their brand. Investigate every tiny element of their operation – especially the customer touchpoints – and uncover not just the bad points, but the positive ones too.

To obtain the fresh view that most businesses need, I work surreptitiously within an organisation and litmus test all the tiny details. This allows positive changes to be made where needed and not just for the sake of it.

Never forget that without customers you have no business.

Don’t just process customers, knock their socks off!

That’s why I’m astonished on a daily basis when I see some businesses merely processing their customers, instead of providing them with an outstanding experience.

Have you ever wandered into, for example, a coffee shop only to find that the person who is supposed to be serving you seems distracted? Even though they are talking to you their words just hang in the air space between leaving their mouth and arriving at your ear.

You then suddenly remember another coffee shop close by where you are always greeted with a warm smile, a personal greeting and your usual order suggested to you. The friendly banter, immaculate setting and enjoyable experience make you immediately question why you went anywhere else.

Mediocre or poor service, floors that need cleaning, paintwork that needs refreshing and staff hairstyles that are wayward are unacceptable whenever a customer is interacting with your brand.

And let’s not even get started on poor product or service choices that have come about because a business hasn’t researched what the customer really wants. It all goes back to the identifying your ideal customer and solving any number of pain points they have with your offerings.

It’s an unfortunate truth that many companies invest significant sums of money into designing their logos and straplines for what they believe will make a great brand and have a definitive impact. And while it absolutely can, it will never succeed in isolation.

When we talk about outstanding brand impact we are actually talking about every element that makes for an exceptional customer experience, from the first touch to the repeat business and the point where a customer becomes an advocate for your business. It’s about the whole interaction from prospecting to loyalty.

A Fresh View is passionate about caring for customers, providing services and products that they desire, for turning your staff into engaging teams that enthuse customers and for successful sharing and communicating to attract your ideal customers.